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Swimwear Trends 2019

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Here’s what we are seeing as the hot trends in swimwear for summer 2019. This is a distillation of the trends that we heard about last July from forecasting companies and senior designers who we know and trust.

These are the trends that have worked on our customers. These are the trends that work on real women like you.

Textured Fabrics

We are so happy to see that textured fabrics are back in swimwear. Texture adds depth of colour to a solid suit and makes light colours more opaque. Texture can also help camouflage bumps and bulges in a one piece if that’s what you are looking for.

Don’t be afraid of thicker looking textures, they are usually made of microfiber and are lighter than they look. Do be careful of looped textures that can catch and pick and look worn out after a few wearings.

High Waist Two Pieces

High waisted bottoms made their comeback with retro looks. We are now seeing the return of more moderate high waisted bikini bottoms. This style is easier to wear than a hipster that can tend to really emphasize your tummy.

Be careful that the higher waist doesn’t make your waist look square. A high waist with a bit of a “V” will create a curvier look.

This Year’s Hot Colour: Yellow

This is the one colour that is getting the most attention in our stores. The best yellows this year have a warmer, honeyed tone. These honey yellows are easier to wear and look good on most skin tones. You can also find yellow as an accent in some prints, if you aren’t ready for the full yellow plunge.

Make sure that your yellow suit is well lined in beige or light blue or it will go see-through when wet. A good swimwear store will wet the suit for you so you can make sure you are comfortable with how it looks when wet.

1980’s Influence

No, big hair and shoulder pads aren’t back yet, but 1980’s style high cut legs are a thing this year. This isn’t a trend for everyone – high leglines can make your thighs appear wider, but our more fashion forward customers are loving it. We are also seeing the beginning of a trend to neon colours. Pro tip: neon pink and orange are a lot easier to wear that neon green.

Knotted Detail

We’re seeing a lot of knots this year. Tops, bottoms and even one pieces are getting knotted treatments. It’s a great way to add interest to a simple swimsuit.

More Sizes (Finally)

We noted this trend last year and it has gained steam this year. Companies have extended their sizing up to size 24. Sizes 18-24 used to be in a separate category by specialized companies. Now we’re seeing them as part of many of our best selling companies’ styles.

It’s been interesting to watch our brands struggle with what to name these sizes. Some call them “plus sizes” others use “extended sizing”. We prefer to just call them “sizes”. After all, a 24 is no more or less a size than a 4.