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Swimsuit Fit Guide

If it doesn’t fit, it won’t flatter. When it comes to swimsuit fit, it’s that simple. You could buy a blouse that’s not a perfect fit and be ok. But with swimwear, you get the fit wrong, and you’ll look well, not so great.

That’s why our staff spend hours getting really good at spotting fit problems. And finding solutions for you. Here are some of the things they look for. We hope they help you get a better fitting swimsuit. And look better at the beach.

Big swimwear selection at Brio in Ottawa
Just a small part of the swimwear section at our Westboro store in Ottawa

Key #1 to a Great Swimsuit Fit – Selection

Different companies have different fits. The torso length, the cut of the bottom, and even the stretch of the fabric vary from brand to brand. So to increase your chances of finding your right fit, go to a store that carries lots of brands. At Brio, we stock over fifty brands, each with its own unique fit. With so much choice, we’re sure to find a swimsuit that fits your size and shape.

Plus sized one piece by Artesands
We carry swimsuits from sizes 2 to 24. This gorgeous one piece is from Artesands

Key #2 to a Great Swimsuit Fit – Size

Almost all swimsuits fit a size up from your dress size. We know, that’s not good news, but it’s how it is. So if you’re a ten, take a twelve; after all, it’s just a number. But the right size won’t cut in, won’t pull down, won’t flatten your chest. You’ll look better.

Don’t plan on getting too small a size because the fabric stretches out when wet. That’s not true. The fabric doesn’t work that way. Plus you’ll look terrible when dry.

But don’t go too big. If there’s extra wrinkling of the fabric, it will relax when wet and won’t fit right. Our staff can tell you when you’ve gone too big.

Long torso swimsuit by longitude
Longitude is one of our best fitting brands if you are longer in the body.

Key #3 to a Great Swimsuit Fit – Torso Length

We’re not sure why, but many swimsuits are made shorter through the torso than our customers. Even women who aren’t that tall will find some brands are too short in the body. You’ll know this when the straps dig into the shoulders and the suit tents out at the small of the back.

If that’s the case, find a suit that’s cut longer through the body. You’ll be more comfortable and look better because your breasts aren’t being pushed down.

Lidea bra sized bikini
Lidea is just one of our many brands that make swimsuits in bra sizes.

Key #4 – Find One in Your Bra Size

Speaking of breasts, if your cup size is a D or above, you should get fitted in a bra-sized swimsuit. Going up a size is a workaround that doesn’t really work.

A swimsuit in your actual bra size will give you better support and coverage. You’ll look better and won’t have to worry about falling out of your top.

At Brio, we carry over a dozen bra-sized swimwear brands from around the world. Our cup sizes go from A to I.

Getting a swimsuit in the right size, torso length, and bra size is key to looking your best at the beach. We hope these tips will help you find the suit that’s right for you. So drop by the store and let our staff work their magic. And find you a properly fitting, really flattering swimsuit.