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Elektra – the Evolution of Pointe Shoes

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I’ve starting to work with the Elektra, a new pointe shoe by So Danca and it is the most innovative shoe I’ve seen in a long time!

The Elektra builds on the recent developments in pointe shoe and features an integrated polymer box and shank with a strengthened ring around the middle.

What really blew me away is that you can swap out the shanks. The shank can be softer or harder simply by sliding a different shank in the channel. Have one stronger foot? Put a stronger shank in that shoe. Need a different shank for a certain piece of choreography? Just swap it out for the perfect shank for that piece. The shanks come in six variation AND the can be bent with a little steam, so the possibilities are endless. And mind blowing!

The inside of the shoe is lightly padded with an anti microbial lining. Dancers who tried it found it amazingly comfortable.

This is a great looking shoe as well. They have done away with the side seam, so you have one long, beautiful line.

I’ll keep you posted on our findings as we try it on more dancers.