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Designer Swimwear – Our Top 3 Brands

At Brio we are always on the lookout for the best designer swimwear. Over the years we have carried new lines form emerging designers that have gone on to be some of the top brands in swimwear. Here are three of our favorites.

Founded in 1985 by Chantel Levesque, one of Québec’s best know designers. All the swimwear is designed and made in Montreal.

Shan – Montreal based designer swimwear

Sophisticated designer swimwear by Shan
You can always count on Shan for elegance and sophistication

Shan pays incredible attention to the detail of their suits and quality of their fabrics. They develop raw materials in partnership with Italian suppliers. Every suit is the product of the highest attention to detail.

Shan is sold in over 600 stores in 30 countries. This includes some luxury department stores like Saks Fifth Ave in New York, Le Printemps in Paris, and Harrod’s in London.

You can feel the difference in fit and quality when you try on a Shan suit. They feature bold solids, beautiful patterns and textures and unique silhouettes.

Take one size up from your usual dress size when you try designer swimwear by Shan. Their one pieces are short bodied, so they are perfect if you have a short torso. They come in a range of coverage, from skimpy to moderate.

If you are looking for an incredibly chic designer swimsuit, Shan is the perfect brand for you.

Robin Piccone – an old friend and favorite

classic designer swimwear by Robin Piccone
Just one of the beautiful styles from Robin Piccone

Robin Piccone has been revolutionizing the swimwear industry since 1986 when she worked with Body Glove and made swimwear out of neoprene. She created a fashion movement, and Body Glove became the first surf brand to be on the cover of fashion magazines.

Over the years many have copied Robin’s surfer-inspired swimwear look. Her designs are so iconic that two of her neoprene suits are part of the permanent collection at The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In 1992, Robin Piccone started her own designer swimwear brand. Her styles focus on modern and innovative details. They are trendy, yet timeless enough to last.

With a variety of solid colours and classic textures and patterns, Robin Piccone knows how to make a perfectly fitting and flattering suit. Piccone swimsuits accentuate the body’s natural lines and curves.

Robin Piccone’s one pieces are medium to long bodied for women with average to long torsos. And her designs are also moderate coverage. This brand is perfect if you’re looking for classic, moderate coverage, swimsuits.

Johnny Was – bohemian designer swimwear

bohemian designer swimwear by Johnny Was
You can see the bohemian inspiration in these Johnny Was swimsuit

Johnny Was draws its inspiration from anything beautiful and unique. Just like the song they’re named after, Johnny Was is universal and timeless.

The brand was founded in 1987 but didn’t launch their designer swimwear line until 2018. Only in their second season, this is our first year carrying the brand. Johnny Was is one of our most exciting new finds, and the reception so far has been amazing.

Johnny Was embodies the Bohemian spirit of their California lifestyle. They defy trends in favour of taking inspiration from the world around them. It could be artwork, vintage clothing or something as simple as a garden.

Johnny Was creates pieces with incredible quality. They use luxe fabrics and artisan-inspired stitching.

Johnny Was creates incredibly unique designer swimwear pieces with their embroidery, bold colours, and statement patterns. They are perfect for young women looking for a suit to stand out in.

Their sizes range from XS to XXL. The coverage is medium, with a moderate leg line. And their one pieces tend to fit long so they are perfect if you have a long torso.