Revolutionary new pointe shoe from Bloch.


Bloch’s new Eurostretch pointe shoe is the first pointe shoe that addresses the fact that a foot is shorter when pointed. The stretch fabric back that allows the shoe to hug the foot when on pointe so the shoe looks better and feels more secure. The outer sole sole is split to allow the fabric to stretch.

The rest of the shoe is fairly conventional with the exception of the shanks that aren’t tacked together at the heel to allow them to snug up under the arch for better support from the shank.

We will be testing this pointe shoe to see its strengths and for what kind of foot it is best suited. We will keep you posted on our findings

In the meantime, kudos for Bloch pushing the envelope and for bringing innovation to a product that hasn’t changed much in over a hundred years.

Let us know what you think.


Bloch Eurostretch pointe shoe innovation

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