Why Get a Professional Bra Fitting?

  • A good selection of well-made bras is the first step towards making sure that you find the right bra. Boutiques that offer professional fittings carry bras from a number of different companies and in a much broader range of styles and sizes than the lingerie stores you find in a mall.

  • The fit of a bra varies from company to company, and even within a company from style to style. It is therefore essential that you are being helped by someone who knows their stock. At Brio, our fitters meet regularly to review new styles and discuss better ways to help our customers find a supportive and beautiful bra.

  • Because fit can differ so much from one bra to the next, trying to fit yourself can be a frustrating experience! Having a fitter there to bring you options takes a huge load off of you, so you can focus on how you feel in each bra.

  • Last, but certainly not least, professional fitters are exactly that – experts at knowing when a bra fits and when it doesn’t! Bra fit depends on a number of factors, and it takes practice to know what part of the bra isn’t fitting well and how to fix it.

Amanda May 2012